A Magazine Curated by Lucie and Luke Meier



We have had the privilege of growing up surrounded by Nature.

Next to mountains, by the ocean, by forests and streams, by lakes and glaciers. In our youth, we were drawn to cities to discover music, art, culture, design, and craft. We were able to find a path that afforded us self expression and creation.

Today, we are fortunate to be constantly turning ideas into reality alongside exceptionally creative and talented people. We have chosen to create this issue to express the duality within nature that inspires our work and our life — Human Nature and Mother Nature.

They have informed us equally and powerfully, and continue to stimulate our desire to create. Within our understanding of Nature, one unequivocal truth has emerged: while a child doesn’t understand the circumstance, as adulthood progresses, a deep appreciation occurs for Nature, during which there is an undoubtedly comparative viewpoint, and through this develops the understanding that things today are different than they were in the past — the fact that change is constant and inevitable and all encompassing.

This, at once, can be positive: new music, new art, new cinema, new photography. Ideas that reimagine and introduce fresh perspective. The right now and the next.

People are capable of authoring soundtracks, creating imagery and expression in perfect sync with time and place, and can give context and meaning to events and emotions.

Change within Mother Nature is more deliberate, more powerful, and at times more uncontrollable. The change in seasons, the heat and humidity of summer, the cold dry winter — natural movement at a rhythm we understand. But with age, experience, and heightened awareness, we understand that change in Mother Nature offers warnings: receding glaciers, dwindling animal populations, extinction of both flora and fauna, withering quality of natural resources. In response, Human Nature must change.

Our outlook remains positive and inspired because we have felt a more progressive consciousness awakening. There is the realization that we must listen to Mother Nature and make adjustments to our own lives. We can, and we have to.

We have compiled images, artists, places, institutions, workshops, and people who inspire us on many levels. Our intention is to open up our world to you. We would like you to see and feel the things that are important to us — perhaps they can inspire you in some way. And perhaps they can encourage you to slow down and to embrace Nature in all forms.

We would like to dedicate this issue to the exceptional people around the world who have fought tirelessly throughout 2020. Medical staff and doctors, grocers, cab drivers, farmers, and many others to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

We would also like to dedicate this issue to Rhoda Maria Meier, an exceptional mother, artist, teacher, and person to whom we owe a great deal. She provided initial inspiration and endless support, as did both of our families.

Finally, we would like to thank our incredible colleagues, supporters, and friends who have been by our side through our journey so far. You all deserve our utmost respect and admiration.

We hope you enjoy this issue.