The Paris flagship store re-opens with a new retail concept

Avenue Montaigne


The Paris flagship store re-opens at Avenue Montaigne, extending the brand's new retail concept.

It’s like a home, in a historical, listed building, where the existing spaces and facade have been respected. The atmosphere Lucie and Luke Meier have set with their concept for the new Jil Sander stores, first in Tokyo, now in Paris, is quite clear: “Through layers of subtlety, we want to create spaces where people feel good.”

This idea runs throughout both projects, designed in collaboration with architect John Pawson, where differences in execution are guided by a commitment always to be site-specific.

The ground floor of the new Avenue Montaigne store is a rounded room, a gallery entrance, a welcoming space, with a podium in the middle and benches along the side walls. The hall becomes alternatively a stage for exhibitions, for sources of inspiratio – an introduction to the ideas developed in the collections we expect to find upstairs.

The store feels grand and warm at the same time. It is a place you need to progressively discover as you would when visiting someone’s home.