Spring/Summer 2018 collection

documented by Mario Sorrenti


We take the plunge in the warm waters of Mallorca with the emotional, sun-drenched digital campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti for Jil Sander.

Mario Sorrenti has been at the forefront of contemporary fashion photography for the past 25 years, steadily shaping the industry through a notable visual vocabulary, moulding our thoughts on fashion and its capacity to represent identity, sexuality and power. The emotional and innately sensual energy of his pictures can be found once again in the digital campaign shot by Sorrenti for Jil Sander in September 2017 at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mallorca, Spain. The images have a dreamlike quality, and are a colourful portrait of the joyful spirit of youth, featuring some of the most iconic pieces from the Spring/Summer 18 Collection. The models Jolie and Fisher almost blend with the untamed nature of the island, captured by Mario while rolling in the grass, diving in the warm waters and dancing while the sun is sinking into the golden-tinted sea.
Passionate and pure, Sorrenti’s approach to photography serves our inherent desire for beauty, teasing beauty out of the banal while celebrating life with timeless, heartfelt gems.