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Adjacent Field

a multiple installation by artist Linda Tegg


A large, living installation of spontaneous plants picked from abandoned sites in the area of Milan – this is the root of what artist Linda Tegg has conceived with Lucie and Luke Meier for the spaces of Jil Sander’s headquarters on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2019 to introduce the first in a new series of Jil Sander+ collections. Durable products, for both women and men, made for life outside of the city: time spent in the mountains, by the sea, in the countryside.

The exhibition, which will be open daily between April 9th and April 14th from 10am to 8pm, will feature an extensive variety of species that Tegg has sourced with the help of garden designer Matteo Foschi from the fields inside and around the city, and will be arranged within a lighting installation specifically designed by Nic Burnham of NDYLight. After the exhibition's closing, some of the plants will be returned to their original environment, while others will be reformed into a permanent assemblage, evocative of the spontaneous and overlooked urban flora of Milan, to be constantly nurtured as a living being within the Jil Sander studios, turning the everyday into a space dedicated to the exceptional.

On display in the windows of the Jil Sander Milanese flagship store, five large-scale Field Photographs taken in the streets of Milan by Tegg’s partner and collaborator, designer David Fox, offer an alternate view of the installation, generating an interplay between perceptions and ideas of the natural and the human-made, between indoors and outdoors, and echoing the essence of the artwork and of the work of Lucie and Luke Meier for Jil Sander.

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