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"I dreamt of getting lost in the Japanese landscape and culture"

Spring/Summer 2019 campaign documented by Mario Sorrenti


A road trip across Japan, documented by photographer Mario Sorrenti: the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign is a testament to Jil Sander’s truthfulness, essentiality, and warmth. Thirty-two images and a film show the protagonists Ansley and Myles while they travel along the Japanese coast. They pass through fishing villages, shrines, teahouses and ryokan. They take a stroll on the beach, they bathe in an onsen. The journey on open roads captures the essence of the collection designed by Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier, and is just as emotional, honest and inspiring. Human relationships are at the center of the experience. Openness and empathy create something authentic in which the country converses with the clothes, the people, and their story. The sense of communion with nature and mankind is further captured by seven ukiyo that accompany the campaign. The short films visually translate, through a memory flashback montage, the time Myles and Ansley shared during the trip with Sorrenti. As moments and places pass by, we are reminded to enjoy the ride, together.

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