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Introducing JIL SANDER+

Fall/Winter 2019


Starting from Fall/Winter 2019, Jil Sander+ will complement the main collection with items created for life outside the city.

Nature is the main source of inspiration. Complementing the brand’s main collection and starting in Fall/Winter 2019, Jil Sander+ will seasonally add to the Jil Sander world a series of products made for life outside of the city: trips to the mountains, to the sea, to the countryside.

Jil Sander+ blends the luxury, comfort and design of Jil Sander with honest, authentic items. Form follows function. The mood is utilitarian, relaxed, cosy. Most garments are unisex.

The consideration of all products is detailed and thorough, emphasizing the company’s propensity towards rationality, research and innovation.

Jil Sander+ is also rooted in the biographies of Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier. They both grew up feeling at home in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, living in nature. They both appreciate garments that are equally practical, sensitive and beautiful, capable of enduring adverse weather conditions, yet remaining comfortable.

The + added to the Jil Sander logo signifies honest, high-performance fabrics that are often organic or natural. It signifies pure, honest, functional design. It also means specialized partnerships. Some products are created with companies that Lucie and Luke Meier appreciate for their know-how and continuous research. These collaborations are meant to expand the boundaries of both the products and the companies, absorbing and enhancing the expertise of the people involved in the process.

This season’s partnership has been established with Mackintosh, one of the world’s preeminent outerwear makers for over 200 years, with unequalled craftsmanship in the manipulation of bonded rubberised fabric. The range is composed of outerwear and accessories, which all feature high levels of functionality as well as modular capabilities.

The first Jil Sander+ collection also introduces a denim line. The fabrics are sourced from Japan’s best mills and the production is also Japanese. The exceptional craftsmanship gives each piece - trousers, shirts, jackets and jumpsuits - an authentic and lasting quality.

The collection also features plush Arctic down jackets, capes, knitwear, packable outerwear in high-performance fabrics, parkas, trench coats, jerseys, and accessories, such as sturdy boots, slippers and cosy mohair blankets. Silk pyjamas and nightgowns are contained in their own travel bags. Most fabrics are either technical or natural, including jersey, moleskin, recycled cashmere, silk, and Ventile cotton.

The palette is also natural: snow, butter, sand, banana, aqua blue, sage, camel, granite, violet, and deep blue.

A full wardrobe for winter-living outside of the city, Jil Sander+ is designed with true purpose.

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