• Purity of design and fascinating effect are not mutually exclusive pursuits. While clothes are reduced to their essential form and function, this detracts nothing from their captivating quality. In fact, each season offers a new opportunity to develop an original, yet understated, fashion quest for the contemporary woman. 

    For spring, the focus was on sharp cutting and architectural pleating, manipulated to create subtle, yet arresting, volumes on clothing. In crisp cottons, none of the exploration in silhouette is too radical to ingest. Rather, soft touches, like the hips on a dress lightly tucking out, or cylindrical jacket sleeves cut asymmetrically front to back, bring a new dynamic quality to the spring wardrobe. 


    Silhouettes on dresses, tops and coats are fitted and yet stand away from the body at the same time. Using quick darts and light fabrics, an accessible three dimensionality arises. At the same time, flat surfaces have also evolved, like the new angles cut out of high neck swing tops, offering subtle updates to classic shapes. In every piece, interest and depth has been brought to the clothes in a clever way.