The optical art work of Italian artist Alighiero Boetti informs and inspires the riddled, painterly prints of the spring season. Frenetic squiggles and drippings, combined with graphic shots of color, animate the clean shape of the clothes, transforming their surfaces into texture-rich canvases.

    These visually stimulating patterns are all replicas of actual Boetti art work, but have been blown up, pixelized or color corrupted for each piece of clothing. Contrasting with the bold surface decoration, silhouettes remain rigorously pure and streamlined. Crisp cotton poplin offers a clean base for tailored shorts and pencil trousers. Sleeveless dresses feature a plunged neckline punctured with a graphic key hole neckline. Jackets are infused with a sports feel, while strapless tops and skirts feature a subtle flare that stands away from the body.